Human Nature

  Words from Edward O. Wilson in his book “THE SOCIAL CONQUEST OF EARTH”   “Human beings create cultures by means of malleable languages. We invent symbols that are intended to be More »


Sunrise Service By Robert Cathcart   Old Mister Roberts crawled out of his bed Preparing to go to the sunrise service. His muscles were sore, his joints no more Could well service More »


For anyone who may be thinking about death without a savior, here are some mind expanding thoughts: Evolutionary thinking has confirmed for me the truth about death. I now clearly understand that More »


Did you ever stop to think about where you are in the scheme of things?  Humanity thought our world was flat until discovery proved that it was round. You and I are More »


The most colossal, enormous, gigantic, tremendous explosion known to us human animals is called “The Big Bang”. The magnitude of it was so astronomical that it is far beyond human comprehension to More »


Life began on Planet Earth 500 million years ago and through the process of evolution has produced 200 million different species of living creatures. The first lived in oceans. The next crawled More »


Time for me to express appreciation to all of you who have sent comments about my evolutionary thinking and writing. I am touched and encouraged by your comments and compliments. I must admit my shortcomings in monitoring and responding to your valuable comments. First because I have been slowly learning how to do this  job and secondly because many of the comments you send me come through as spam because your address is a business and you don’t give me your true name. I recently received words from Roseanna, Reynalda Berringer, David Anderson, Rita Prangle and Richard ?. I apologize to all for not acknowledging their worthy remarks before this. However, I see myself  as an imperfect human animal who is just like all the rest, trying to make the most of inherited DNA, education, life experiences, and personal ambitions to live a better life. I write to encourage others to care about justice and equality for all people on this earth.

by Robert Cathcart


No one seems to care about anything or any one except themselves. Most people don’t even want to hear the negative news. They would rather have some fun or think about personal profit and pleasure rather than the nasty stuff. I worry about my friends and neighbors who seldom read the papers or watch the evening news, ignoring dangers because they spoil the mood.  I worry about our leaders who pick up silver spoons and disregard the needs of those they represent to gain the favor of corporate benefactors. If we the people sleep through the threats of looming crises, will there ever be a better day ahead?

by a thinking Robert


Human Being Animals in the State of North Carolina

are stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. This

insult to humanity is honestly explained in Bill

Moyers’ documentary “State of Conflict: North

Carolina”. It can be seen in full on YouTube or at


Big discussions are going on about whether or not non-religious people experience spirituality. I personally believe in the existence and importance of human spirituality whether or not one believes in gods. Here is my take on spirituality:


My greatest emotional possession in becoming a humanist is what I define as my spirituality, the uncontrollable eruption of feelings which elicit shivers and tears, empathy and love. These higher emotional feelings come to me spontaneously, without invitation or intelligent design, as involuntary reactions to my human nature and experience. They arise from what I think is the spiritual side of my emotional core, as when I observe the awesome face of nature and universe, or the beautiful aspects of human nature and life. My human spirituality exists beyond the indescribable synapses that trigger my higher emotions.

by Robert Cathcart - 12/28/13



Atheist Churches – Secular Communities

Dear evolutionary thinkers:

Here is an article on “Atheist churches: A new type of secular community. (They’re trying to offer all the best part of church, but without the religion) by Adam Lee.

Adam Lee says: “In the last 30 years, atheism and secularism have been booming in America. As many as one in four members of the Millennial generation now say they have no religion. Given the vast size of the millennials— 78 million people, slightly more than the Baby Boomers – that adds up to almost 20 million free thinking Americans. And from all indications, the-up-and coming generations are even more secular.” Lee goes on to describe local meetups, regional and national conventions, and secular communities whose focus is on doing good, living well and appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world without recourse to archaic mythology.”

Please take the time to read Adam Lee’s complete article at:

Yours in evolutionary thinking

Robert Cathcart